Friday, April 15, 2016

20 Minutes a Day Will Change Your Life Forever

2 very simple daily routines that will change your life forever...
#1 Mirror exercise:
(Every day for one month) Click Here for More Info Set a timer for ten minutes. In the mirror, stare at the point on your forehead, the third eye. Focus on this point for 10 minutes. Immediately after you do this, write down in a daily journal, anything that you thought of while you were looking in the mirror. It's good to come back to this exercise at any point in your life. #2 Candle exercise:
(Every day for 2+ months) Click Here for More Info Set a timer for ten minutes. Stare at a candle flame. Think of nothing except what you are staring at. If you think of something else, make a tally mark in a daily journal. It does NOT matter how many tally marks you give yourself, as long as you give ten minutes a day to this exercise. This will help anyone on so many levels. It's good to do this forever, every day, but if you do this exercise, just once, every single day, for at least 2 months, the benefits are endless. If you miss a day, you are only stepping backwards on your journey into enlightenment and this affects no one but yourself.

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