Monday, September 19, 2016

Four Stars You Didn't Know Had anything in Common

Yes, they all played hilarious professionals of cleaning in one form or another... but that is NOT what I am referring to.

So did you figure it out?

All four of these actors never married, never had children, and had no record of dating at all!

Actually after their memorable shows came to an end, and the spot light faded away, Ann B. Davis & Christopher Hewitt both devoted the entire rest of their lives to their religions.

After having his own two big TV shows (The Jeffersons & Amen), Sherman Hemsley passed away only having an estate worth about $50,000. He was very private and left Hollywood to live in El Paso, Texas.

And Frances Bavier (who surprisingly was a model in her younger days) lived alone with her many cats until the time of her death.

Even though these actors share this same fact of no partners to speak of, they lived very fulfilling and meaningful lives. And in return, filled our lives with much happiness & laughter. All four people were loved by millions of people across the globe.

I personally miss them all. Thank You for making me laugh!

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