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Convair Management Club Fort Worth, Texas National Management Association 1950s NMA Officers Directors Committee Chairmen

Front Page

(Front Page Reads:) WHAT IS NMA? - The National Association, with its Headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, is a national professional organization in which membership is limited to Management Men and Women.
In the 25 years of its existence, NMA has grown to 350 chapters throughout the United States with 65,000 members.  Membership and the number of clubs are in the continuous growth.  By 1970, it is estimated there will be 100,000 members.
The major objective of NMA is to promote all the principles of good Management and to offer, through the many individual clubs, opportunities for the development of these principles.


Convair Management Club of Fort Worth consistently has the largest membership of any of these clubs.

What does CONVAIR MANAGEMENT CLUB do for its members?

The effectiveness and the status of membership in any professional club depend upon what its members do with their club, Membership in itself is not enough... participation in club activities is essential.

             promotes professional ethics among its members.
             provides Manager Development projects through its many educational programs.
             promotes better understanding through all the ranks of Management.
             encourages social events.
             offers relaxing fellowship and entertainment.

A participating member accepts these opportunities and thereby profits greatly from his membership.  He gets his "money's worth".
Convair Management Club
Fort Worth, texas
Member of

 Inside Left Page
The Convair Management Club
President -  C. C. Utley
Vice-President (Days) -  P. H. Billman
Vice-President (Nights) - W. M. Berry
Treasurer - R. L. Kinsey
Corresponding Secretary -  E. L. Clerc
Recording Secretary -  W. R. Childress

Second Year:
E. C. Cauthen (Chairman), G. S. Dean, J. H. Payne, F. Wahl, L. R. Gant, M. Weinstein
First Year:
K. H. Dunn, A. S. Witchell, J. W. Harpstrite, B. R. Main, C. E. Nevitt

 Inside Right Page

C. "Doc" Allen (Research), Alice P. Arnold (Visitation & Flowers), J. A. Elder (Management Dev.), E. W. Feddersen (Membership), W. R. Choate (Special Events), E. M. Kerlee (Junior Achievement), D. J. Gorman (Sergeant-At-Arms), W. E. Dahl (Budget & Audit), W. R. Dudley (Invocation), S. E. Keith (B-36 Monument), K. Hargrove (Awards), Dave Lewis (Public Relations), M. J. Scott (Fix-A-Toy), D. B. Tallon (Program), A. O. Watson (Boy Science Club Admin.), E. S. McKown (Property Guardian), J. M. Lankford (Search & Rescue), H. T. Hicks (Boy Scouts Advisor), E. A. Taylor (Historian), C. F. Wilkerson (Ways & Means), G. N. Nesbitt (Fix-A-Toy Perm. Admin.), G. E. Symm (Bowling), O. R. Tilbury (Ticket Distribution), E. G. Hill (Booster)

Back Page 

(***Back Page is deteriorated and hard to read. This is what I am able to decipher in transcription...)

Code of Ethics

I resolve to recognize the (***y) man above, beside or below, has an (inh***t) desire to do good work and to be a useful and respected citizen.  Until I have considered every possible motive, I will not assume that any man wants to do anything less than his best.

I resolve to keep an open mind on all subjects, and sure to maintain a broad and balanced outlook.  I will always be willing to recognize merit in another's ideas. 

I resolve (----ual) (f----) with all my associates in the company (------ -----) assume responsibilities for my own mistakes (------) shifting (------).

I resolve (---- ---------- ---- --------)failure of (-----) fundamentals of business people so they can see, for themselves, their own (----) to the general scheme.

I resolve (----) informed (-----) latest development in equipment and (----) I will recommend or put into effect such (----) is as will produce improved quality and lower (--sts) for products, and improve working conditions. 

I resolve the to realize that one phase of my profession is to help working people obtain maximum satisfaction from life. 

I resolve to earn and carefully guard, a reputation for good moral character, good citizenship and common honesty; and I will support and promote all the uplifting influences of my community.

Philosophy of Life          -         Professional Supervision

C. C. Hertzler
Dept. 25-3
Mail Zone P55

This pamphlet was brought to me from the estate of T. R. Strube, et ux, Sylvia Couch Strube of Joshua, Texas.

1942 Santa Fe Railroad T. R. Strube Agent of Joshua, Texas Order of Railroad Telegraphers

Issued November 2nd, 1942
The Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway System
Pass: Mr. T. R. Strube and Wife

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